Daino 303


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The Oakgear benches Raimondo and Daino are of an authentic design made of oak-tree and are an artistic work of two local masters. Our benches will serve you as a solid, lasting and comfortable piece of furniture as well as an interior design feature.

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Weight 8.5 kg

4 reviews for Daino 303

  1. Marc S. Geldhof

    Purchased few benches Daino. So far I am very satisfied with Oakgear service and product quality . I am rating this business and purchase 5 stars and then I’ll re-evaluate their services again once pre-ordered bed furniture arrives at our new house in March 2018. Stay tuned!

  2. Francis Stolz

    We love this simple design and strong natural material. Bought 6 pieces of Daino benches and very much satisfied. Keep it up, oakgear. Looking for natural oak dining table.

  3. Michael

    Splendid ! Enjoyable pieces ! These benches are fantastic ! All my friends, when visiting me, asking, hey, where did You get such a heavy pure oak Stool … top !

  4. James S.

    This is perfect simple natural oak stool. Not a plastic, but pure natural heavy oak. Excellent. Do recommend.

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