Our beginning in 1993


It all started at an old Windmill

The windmill Kāravi was built at the location Stelpe district of Bauska in Latvia at the beginning of 20th century. During the post-soviet period the windmill became nearly totally dilapidated and was meant to be pulled down. My father saved it from tearing down and helped to reconstruct it. At present the old Kāravi windmill is preserved and transformed. Although the genuine sails of the windmill were lost, it was rebuilt and
now is functioning as a sightseeing spot for rustic ecotourism industry.
In order to restore the windmill, it was necessary to make many different parts and constructions of precious timber. It was done under the wing of a newly-found farm Company, named VIKINGI.

Company Vikingi was established in 1993 with a purpose of rebuilding and preserving the Kāravi windmill

Thus began, still going strong, our family`s interest in wooden craftsmanship and design combining everything that is natural, beautiful and genuine.

The nature is all around us, and it is our strength. Latvia is one of the greenest and most ecologically friendly countries in the world, thus making our nature and timber products so special and unique.

The “green gold” of Latvia is our top quality timber that has been recognized in the world throughout centuries

At present the production of unique precious wood furniture is going on at Vikingi powered by Oakgear

There is a combination of heritage craftsmanship put into the furniture production of Oakgear. Rooted into the execution of our produce are also the roughly refined esthetical traditions of the Norsemen tribes – Vikingi and Cours/the Kurshi, an ancient tribe of Baltic lands.
We are following the common goal which is quality standards and lasting values.

The Oakgear benches Raimondo and Daino are of an authentic design made of oak-tree and are an artistic work of two local masters. Our benches will serve you as a solid, lasting and comfortable piece of furniture as well as an interior design feature.

Oakgear hand-crafted benches are our main product.
We have named our benches, SITTINGEAR.
They have been presented at a number of craftsmanship forums and the world`s leading masters of the field have highly estimated them. After having sold out instantly our first produced lot, we understood that the SITTINGEAR is a thing, needed and assessed in the world.